Atlas Copco enhances ZT 90-160 compressor

May 29, 2019
   Atlas Copco's ZT 90-160 (VSD) air-cooled screw compressors feature more efficient engines, coolers and intake air filters than their predecessors.

  Atlas Copco has released a new version of its ZT 90-160 air-cooled, oil-free screw air compressor. This new variation features redesigned compressor elements crafted to perform more efficiently that past counterparts. Those components include rotor profiles, as well as inlet and rotor coatings.
  The ZT 90-160 compressor, available with fixed or variable speed drive (VSD) and with or without an integrated dryer, also includes a touchscreen monitoring system for operators to adjust and optimize its pressure and performance instantly. The design and sealing of the venting chamber also provides physical separation between the oil and air circuits to ensure Class 0 oil-free air.
  The compressor, suitable for the oil and gas and power generation industries, features an IP 55 TEFC high-efficiency motor, which protects against dust and humidity and provides continuous operation under severe ambient temperature conditions. It is supported by an intake air filtration unit, containing a two-stage dust removal system, designed to minimize intake losses and provide a low-pressure drop.
  The compressor is also equipped with high-efficiency coolers with a compact water separator that offers a low-air approach temperature and low-pressure drop. The compressor also has an integrated Neos drive that communicates directly with the Elektronikon Mk5 Touch controller.
  The controller displays warnings, maintenance scheduling and visuals of the machine’s condition. The data monitoring program Smartlink is integrated into the compressor. The ZT 90-160 compressor also works with Atlas Copco’s new Optimizer 4.0 central controller.